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"Business makes those who have nothing to rent".

This ironic statement actually is often justified. Acquisition and rent of immovable property is one of the finest methods of creating a long term passive income.

Although, the rental business is not as simple as it seems at first glance. An ordinary citizen who wants to rent dwelings, and a large organization that plan to make profit from rent of all or part of the premises, face a range of risks and constraints.

However, in case of a proper business organization, including proper tax planning and contractual stipulation of relationships, many problems, risks and expenses could be avoided.

Specialists of BDA will help You to organize Your rental business so that it would not take You much time, but would bring a stable source of income with minimal risk.

In the framework of working on rental project we suggest:

  • To form a competent and well thought-out strategy for the rent of property, including strategic behavior during negotiations.
  • A range of options under lease agreements, including basic agreements of short-term rent as well as complex agreements of long-term lease agreements of immovable property, including hundreds of pages.
  • To develop preliminary lease agreements.
  • To offer an optimal structure of taxation.
  • To help reconcile different positions under lease agreements that create beneficial terms for the landlord. 
  • To protect the position of the tenant and to negotiate for him an advantageous scheme of lease of immovable property.

Contact us anytime, we will be glad to advise You in more detail on these issues.

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