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 Accounting services


The company ВDА provides its clients with a full professional service on bookkeeping  and tax accounting of companies of various forms of ownership and tax regime. We undertake the whole process of bookkeeping from preparation of primary accounting documents to delivery of the balance sheet.


Now You can forget about having an accountant among your staff or even about a whole department, which requires  a workplace (and this costs money), payment of salary and other expenses of full-time employee.


You have an opportunity to receive all the necessary services in the field of accounting and we will provide you with qualified specialists for a reasonable price and without the above-mentioned costs and problems!


Extensive experience in accounting customer service has allowed us to develop various ways of cooperation for a wide range of companies with different volume of paperwork and financial turnover.



Such options may be:

1. Assistance in the daily work of the accounting department:

  • Prompt consulting,
  • Restoration of accounting,
  • Tax outsourcing,
  • Conduct inventory.

 2. Assistance in working with supervising bodies:

  • Advising on the procedures of interaction with tax authorities;
  • Analysis of requirements, inquiries, prescriptions of supervising bodies;
  • Correspondence with supervising bodies;
  • Representation of the client before tax authorities.

3.  In addition, we also provide the service so called «Emergency support of accounting» in the event of any force majeure:

  • In case you change the chief accountant (there is a need in a competent acceptance of business);
  • If you have been looking for a new chief accountant for a long time, and the deadlines for reporting are already close (there you need a necessary assistance in preparation of balance sheet and other reports);
  • If you are awaiting a tax inspection and your chief accountant have never encountered such checks, you require assistance in preparation for the procedure.

Book-keeping specialists of our company are full time staff of professional accountants. They are in constant contact with the auditors and lawyers of our company. This ensures a maximum efficiency of work and guarantees high professionalism of our solutions in the field of accounting and taxation.

We are proud of the trust granted from our Clients. Many of our Clients delegate us not only authorities to draw up primary documentation but also the management manage of their bank accounts: we carry out payments from their accounts according to the instructions of the Clients, using a variety of programs «Client-bank».

The result of our work is the submission of accounting and tax reports of Your company to the tax Inspectorate and other supervisory bodies in time.

Contact us anytime; we will be pleased to advise You more on the accounting outsourcing issues.

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