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Submission of amendments to  the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL)

Changes of any kind in the company's activity pursues almost every entrepreneur during his work. The causes can be many: the operational needs, changes in the staff, change of business direction, rebranding and currently ammending legislation of the Russian Federation.

The main types of procedures for making changes are the following:

  • Change of the location,
  • Change of members,
  • Change of the name,
  • Change of the Director,
  • Change of business activities,
  • Increase or decrease of the Authorized capital.

These actions can take more than one day of your time and a lot of efforts in preparing all the necessary paperwork for  the tax authority. We undertake all the complexity of such procedures.  Our primary goal is to assist and support Your business, and we are focused on the professional approach to each of Your question. Detailed information and advice on the matter of submitting changes to the register You can get by contacting us.
























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