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Subscriber service for organizations

As a rule, all legal entities in the course of their work are faced with the necessity of solving legal issues. But, not everyone has the opportunity and the need to employ a qualified specialist, and sometimes an entire department of professional lawyers. In such a situation the most convenient solution, in our opinion, would be to switch to subscriber legal service.

This method has a number of advantages:

  • The cost of subscriber service for enterprises is significantly lower than the cost of employing an in-house lawyer;
  • Diversified experience of our specialists allows us quickly and effectively challenge complicated tasks;
  • Quality and reliability of decisions is higher than having one lawyer in staff, as complex issues and decisions are taken by a team of highly qualified lawyers.

Here You can find a list of the services included in subscriber service from provided by the company BDA:

  • Drafting of various legal documents,
  • Participation of the lawyer in negotiations,
  • Audit of various legal documents,
  • Consultations,
  • Written legal opinion.

We offer various forms of cooperation - from one-time legal consultations to comprehensive subscriber service, reasonable prices and flexible discount system.

Our primary goal is to assist and support Your business, and we are focused on the professional approach to each of Your problem. Detailed information and consultation  on the subscriber services of organizations You can get by contacting us.

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