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Every businessman faces constantly with legal question in process of his work and not always has the necessary knowledge and skills to resolve such issues.

In such situations, the businessman can use some simple and well-known tools, such as:

  • to hire a lawyer (or legal department);
  • to find a law firm and conclude a contract for outsourcing service;
  • to call your friends who are lawyers to help you solve legal issues.

All of these tools require different costs and efforts and have their advantages and disadvantages. If the first two options do not fit You (due to lack of resources), there remains the only hope for help from the call. Unfortunately, people competent in dealing with the legal issues would not be able to help you for a long time and for free. Besides, they have their own affairs and work – and it is not always convenient for them to talk to You. But You usually want to solve Your issues promptly.

What is to be done in such situations?

BDA provides a special service of consulting for solving the above mentioned tasks. You can contact our specialist and learn more about this service and its cost. Our specialists will tell you what kind of consultations are free, and what requires payment. You will know about different forms of oral and written consultations, and the benefits of monthly or one-time consultations.

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