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Residential real estate

In accordance with the article 16 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation, to the dwellings shall be referred:

  • residential house, part dwelling house;
  • apartment, part of the apartment;
  • a living room.

The recognition of a premise as a dwelling and requirements to the dwellings are established by the resolution of the government  No. 47, dated 28.01.2006.

Despite the importance of clear and predictable regulation of the turnover of residential real estate, there are quite often special cases and disputes related to residential real estate in our country.

For example, unfortunately, there are frequent cases when people are deprived of their only home, or real estate purchased for investment purposes because of the uncertainty of the legal status of residential real estate and the wording of the law.

There are also legal institutions, which have been "inherited" from the Soviet era and require careful treatment.

Special problems (especially in connection with controversial judicial practice) are associated with implementation of the projects defined by the Federal law dated 30.12.2004 N 214-FZ, which regulates the equity participation agreements in construction.

We also should not forget about the peculiarities and challenges of working with contracts of purchase and sale of immovable property, leases of real estate and taxation related to these issues. There are many legitimate ways of reducing  tax burden on these transactions without violating the provisions of the law, and our team is ready to provide You  with  such methods and tools.

No matter whether You are a developer, investor, owner, or lessee of residential real estate – the Company BDA can assist You in resolving issues of any complexity. Trying to cope independently or involving suspicious "experts", You run the risk of losing your property forever!

Contact us and You will receive assistance of experienced specialists in housing issues. See our advantages in work with real estate and get acquainted with our  partner of the real estate direction of BDA.

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