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Assessment and expertise

Often litigation and disputes require independent assessment of an expert.

Forensic expertise is a research conducted on the basis of the court order by a specialist (expert) in questions that require special knowledge in the field of science, technology, arts, in a manner and within terms established by the applicable procedural legal acts. A forensic expertise is carried out in order to set the information of importance for the correct and timely proceeding of the case.

There are a lot of companies providing such services, but very often they are not trustworthy or do not have the necessary resources to conduct complex and time-consuming expert assessment.

Therefore, BDA cooperates with reliable expert organization, capable of conducting the most complex and wide expertise, for a long time.

These institutions are included in the register of certified forensic experts and organizations, work quickly, impartially and professionally. Turning to our partners You can be assured that the decision with this expert assessment will be taken IN YOUR FAVOR.

Contact us to learn more about the expert assessment in more detail.

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