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How to obtain the status of a subject of a small business

The Moscow government pays great attention to the development and support of entrepreneurship, as small and medium business plays an important role in the development of the economy.

There is a special City target program of development and support of small and medium enterprises in Moscow. Federal law dated  July 24, 2007 N 209-FZ «On development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation».

Small and medium enterprises should obtain the status of a subject of a small business, then they will be available to the following support:

  • Financial support;
  • Property support;
  • Informational support;
  • Legal support aimed at protecting the rights and legal interests of subjects of small and medium business;
  • Consulting support;
  • Support in training, retraining and advanced training of the staff;
  • Support in the promotion of small and medium enterprises of goods (works, services).

This form of support is also possible for Russian legal entities where the share of foreign legal entities and foreign citizens in the Charted capital do not exceed 25%.

Our company could  advise You how to enter into the register of small business entities and prepare the documents for obtaining the status of a subject of small business in Moscow.

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