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Registration of legal entities

The first step in implementation of Your business idea is the registration of a business entity - a legal entity. Registration of different forms of legal entities is the sphere of activity of our company.

Depending on the purpose of establishing legal entities are classified into different forms.

  • Limited liability company (LLC) is a business company established by one or several legal entities and/or individuals, which authorized capital is divided into shares; participants shall not be liable for obligations of the company and bear risk of losses connected with the company activity within the limits of their shares in the authorized capital of the company. The maximum number of members of the company, required by the applicable law, cannot exceed fifty.
  • Public joint-stock company (PJSC) is a form of enterprise ownership. The meeting of shareholders is the main managing body of a company. The shareholders of public joint stock company can alienate their shares without consent of other shareholders of this company, but other shareholders have preferential right to purchase these shares. The legal form PJSC (unlike previous forms of OAO and ZAO) has a greater «publicity»: involves frequent open meetings and inspections, as well as the need to use the services of special Registrars for the purpose of maintaining the register of shares and obligatory confirmation of minutes of the shareholders meeting by a notary public or the Registrar.
  • Non-profit organizations are those organizations which activity is not aimed at making a profit. However, all non-profit organizations can engage in entrepreneurial activities, but only under the condition that the income from such activities goes towards realization of the goals of the nonprofit organization stated in the Charter.

 Nonprofit organizations are divided into:

• Consumers’ co-operative,
• non-governmental organization,
• Autonomous non-profit organization,
• Fund,
• Establishment,
• Association (Union).

To register any form of legal entity it is necessary to go through number of procedures. Our fully qualified specialists could advise you what form of a legal entity it is better to choose for the implementation of Your individual business idea. We will prepare a package of documents for registration and will receive all the necessary documents to start Your business. Detailed information and consultation in the field of registration of legal entities You can get by contacting us.





























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