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Commercial real estate

Despite the fact that the term "commercial real estate" is not defined in Russian law, it has firmly entered into the lexicon of the business world. Everyone understands that it includes buildings, constructions, uninhabited premises, enterprises as property complexes, which are used for gain of profit. When someone askes to give examples of commercial properties, offices, hotels, multifunctional centers, industrial buildings, warehouses, parking lots come to one’s mind..

The same commercial property can become a source of stable income and capital gains as well as a reason for expenses and even bankruptcy of the purchaser.

The key to successful work with commercial real estate is hard planning, attraction of financial partners, consultations at the initial stage with experienced developers. Certainly, correct choice of object and a timely and full legal review of its status is of a significant importance. Sometimes finding the right facility takes months and even years, but we cannot afford to succumb to the rush and miss details that can determine the fate of the future project.

These could be the following:

  • the possibility of demolition of old buildings,
  • obtaining of a  construction permits,
  • an uncertain legal status of the object,
  • public authorities’ plans for the object of real estate,
  • many, many other aspects.

Experienced team of BDA is ready for such difficulties concerning legal support of business in sphere of commercial real estate. We will help you:

  • to analyze the risks at the concept design stage,
  • to structure relations with partners,
  • to determine their liability of partners,
  • in interactions with regulatory authorities by means of our partners.
  • in special cases we can help you with finding sources of funding for the project.

You can contact us on any legal matters related to commercial real estate. See our advantages in work with real estate and get acquainted with our  partner of the real estate direction of BDA.

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