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Tax consulting

In this direction, our company provides a wide range of services for their clients, including consulting services:

  • advising on taxation and accounting;

Within the consultancy agreement our company provides telephone consultations of officials of the client organization. The answers are given with reference to the current legislation. The contract provides also an analytical evaluation of ongoing or anticipated operations for the purpose of preventing possible risks and tax optimization and accounting.

  • advising on arrangement of tax accounting and its support;
  • an opportunity to receive the latest news on accounting and taxation;

We provide the newsletter on accounting, taxation, economics and finance to our clients.

  • the analysis of methodology of tax accounting system with the issuance of a written or oral recommendations;
  • preparation of the order on the accounting policy for the purposes of accounting and tax accounting;
  • development of methodological materials on accounting and taxation with regard to the industry specific of an enterprises;
  • provide our customers with electronic form of methodological developments of our company;
  • legal advice and legal support;
  • consulting services on assessment of customs contracts;
  • consulting services regarding labour relations.

Within the consultancy agreement a Client receives an advisory  and reference service on issues arising in the field of labour legislation, an advice on preparation  of personnel documents in accordance with the Labour code of the Russian Federation, consultancy on  administrative personnel documents, advising on the creation of local regulations (staffing, internal labor regulations, the staff regulations).

If You have any question or difficulty in the field of law, audit or bookkeeping, You can contact BDA for consultation. We will be glad to cooperate and we will try to assist. Every day we successfully advise a large number of companies. Calls and emails are handled by our experts quickly and efficiently. If it is necessary, we may organize business meetings on the site convenient for the Client. We value your and our time.

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