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Incorporation and purchase of foreign companies

Jurisdictions with which BDA works are not limited to any list.   However, we receive most frequently requests from Clients in respect of companies with jurisdiction in Cyprus, UK, Hong Kong, Belize, British virgin Islands, Panama, Malta, Seychelles, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Holland, etc.

We offer the widest range of facilities which you may require if you decide (or do not decide yet) to work with foreign jurisdictions.

Necessary and required services in this direction:

  • incorporation of a foreign company;
  • opening and maintenance of bank accounts;
  • provision of nominee services for foreign companies;
  • ongoing maintenance of the company's activities (arranging of documents, interaction with contractors, etc.)

Services that are certainly important for business, but are requested and discussed, usually individually:

  • structuring and support of transactions with foreign companies (as well between foreign companies as in cooperation with Russian companies);
  • support of payments for transactions with foreign companies (services of escrow account, foreign attorney, notary public);
  • structuring of ownership and management of assets, regulation of questions of inheritance, joint management, etc.

It would be reasonable to enlighten that we also provide the following services:

  • liquidation and reorganization of foreign companies; 
  • closing of bank accounts;
  • transfer of companies to other administrators or change of jurisdiction (if applicable), 
  • and other services that You may require.

Contact our specialists for detailed consultations on this matter and on any questions connected with preparation/submission of documents. We will assist you with the necessary set of documents, translations and certification of translations. We will provide you with every detail on the process and prepare everything quickly and diligently!

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