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Trademark registration and protection abroad

 What trademarks can be registered? What trademarks can be registered? Practically any. A trademark may consist of one word, letter or numeral or any combination thereof. It may consist of drawings, symbols, three-dimensional signs, implemented, for example, in the form and packaging of the products, audible sound signals such as music or the sounds of human voices, smells or colors used as distinguishing features.

In accordance with national laws and international treaties, a trademark is protected only on the territory of the country where it has been registered. Registration of a trademark is effected in the national patent office of each country. In other words, the registration of a trademark in one country (for example in Russia) will not be an obstacle for third parties to exercise registration of such trademark in any other country.

Registration of trademarks under the national procedure is effected by filing in national patent offices for each of the countries, separate applications for registration of a trademark. The procedure of registration of a trademark in this case is governed by national legislation of each country. In the end, each of the patent offices issues a certificate of registration of the trademark in the territory of the country concerned.

Due to the fact that Russia has joined the Madrid system (Madrid agreement and the Madrid Protocol, uniting more than 80 countries) of registration of trademarks, the Russian applicants have the opportunity to register a trademark under the international procedure, i.e. the registration of a trademark in several countries through one application. The application for international registration of a trademark is filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) based in Switzerland. The international application is filed on the basis of the already registered trademark in the Russian Federation.

Thanks to reliable relations with partners and constituted contacts with foreign patent offices and patent attorneys, we are ready to provide services for the registration of a trademark in almost any country of the world.

It is extremely difficult to cope with such a long and time-consuming procedure by your own means, without certain knowledge and skills in the legal field. We shall undertake all the difficulties of registration process, especially:

  •  we will cooperate with the register body of FIPS - Rospatent;
  •  we will help You to determine the designation, which most likely will go through the registration process of a trademark;
  •  we will advise how to modify or alter Your designation, so that you could  register it. 

Call us on the phone mentioned in the section “Contacts” and You will receive the necessary information and professional assistance in the process of obtaining a patent. We have already assisted in registration of a big amount of patents and designs and the whole procedure is familiar to us.

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