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Accounting and audit of foreign companies

Our company provides professional assistance on preparation of the accounting statements and submission of the audited report to the regulatory authorities in those jurisdictions, which legislation requires it.

Our specialists have been supporting accounting and auditing of foreign companies of our clients for many years through the extensive network of our reliable foreign partners.

The cost for accounting services (and therefore audit) of a foreign company depends on the activity of such company during the reporting period, or in other words - how many transaction for this company accountants will consider to determine the accounting prices.

There are often situations when foreign companies did not conduct any activities during the reporting period (as it was a "Dormant"). For these cases the consultants have a fixed price for their services that they will gladly offer.

Please contact our experts for detailed consultation and preparation/submission of documents on the questions of reporting of foreign companies, as well as assisting in choosing a foreign accountant or auditor.

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