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Supervision Of Construction

In the system risk of many banks "construction" is designated as the most risky field of activity.

Indeed, construction is a complex multifaceted process that includes technical, economic, legal components, and at each stage of this process, errors and problems may occur. Any defect can lead to major expenses and losses, up to fatal outcome for the project. Competent analysis of all legal issues and all documents signed under the project could either reduce or eliminate risks at every stage of the construction process.

Specialists of BDA can solve questions of any complexity on the customer's behalf, and on behalf of the contractor.

We will assist you:

  • To draft effective and enforceable contracts on construction, and  contracts for design in accordance with international norms and standards;
  • To establish the performance under such contracts of design and construction; 
  • Competently arrange the pretension work to solve particular conflict situations in favor of our Client;
  • To obtain a SRO certificate of admission to certain types of works for design or construction organization;
  • To resolve issues with arrangement of cash flows and investments in construction, including arrangement of payments at the international level.

Contact us anytime and we would be glad to advise You in more detail on these issues.

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