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The Supreme court

The Supreme court is the highest judicial institution of the state, which is competent, in addition to dealing with cases which refer to the government, in revision of decisions of lower courts (usually the correctness of application of the law is revised).

In April 2012 the Supreme Court was included in the list of state bodies that are supposed to be withdrawn beyond the MKAD. Since the required space in the Moscow region was not allocated because of arisen disagreements, the President's administration took the decision to transfer the court to St. Petersburg in October 2012.

In this case the undeniable convenience is that BDA has an office not only in Moscow but also in the northern capital. Contact BDA branch in St. Petersburg and our specialists, with experience of trials in court of similar level, will provide You with timely and necessary support, without a need to depart from Moscow or another region. The client won’t have to pay travel expenses of a lawyer.

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