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Elena Kraeva, audit partner:

BDA company offers enterprises a full range of services in the field of auditing. The audit is carried out taking into consideration the interests of all users of the accounting (financial) statements: the owners, managers, tax authorities and other users of information.

Purposes of audit:

  • confirmation of reliability of accounting (financial statements) to users;

  • identifying the state of the financial affairs of the company (when changing the head/ chief accountant of the organization, purchase/sale of the company);

  • the exclusion of possible risks and financial loss in the form of penalties associated with the inspections of compliance with labour legislation, to reduce risks associated with employment disputes and complaints of workers in law-enforcement and controlling state bodies.



We provide all types of audit, as to the following:

1. Obligatory  audit
This is an examination of the reliability of the financial (accounting) statements prepared according to the Russian accounting standards with the issuance of the audit report that complies with the requirements of the Russian standards of audit.

2. Initiative audit
In most cases it is conducted on the basis of the client's specifications, in order to confirm the reliability of the financial (accounting) statements, the legality of the separate transactions, the property rights, the liabilities and the completeness of assets shown in the statements.

3. Specific audit
Specfic audit (review) is conducted to identify tax and legal risks of separate transactions. This service includes the development of recommendations at the end of the audit procedure.

4. Express-audit
Presents an analysis of the state of  bookkeeping and tax accounting of the Client during the reporting period, with the issuance of targeted recommendations. Usually the Express audit is conducted in case if an obligatory audit or an initiative audit are difficult for a company to be held in full.

5. Tax audit

  •  correctness of determination of tax base;
  •  estimate of compliance of primary documents with the applicable tax legislation;
  •  search and analysis of economic operations with high risk;
  •  preparation of recommendations on optimization of workflow process with contractors;
  •  preparation of a report, including recommendations and examples from judicial practice, as well as recommendations on elimination of detected errors.

6. HR audit

7. Audit support
8. Consulting support

9. The creation  of a system of taxation and accounting

Design and implementation of tax planning and accounting. Preparation of regulations on accounting policy. Optimization of accounting methodology and accounting policy.

10. The solution of complex tax matters
In addition to tax audit this option includes the analysis of the tax consequences of the reorganization of the business, investment and financial projects and support during tax audits.

11. Corporate Finance management
The analysis of the financial condition of the company. Evaluation of investments return, risk profile and capacity of the organization. Optimization of financial management system and internal control system. Business planning and investment analysis.

12. Analysis of financial and economic activity

13. Finance Due Diligence

A comprehensive study of the company's activity, its financial condition and market position to identify and assess risks that may have a significant impact on the development of the company.

As the result of audit conducted by our company the Clients receive:

  • the auditor's report containing the opinion on reliability of the accountings of the organization, which is an official document and is directed to all users of financial statements.
  • written information (report) on the audit results.

Contact us anytime and we will be glad to advise You in more detail on conducting an audit for You.

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