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Trademark registration in Russia

A trademark is a distinctive sign which identifies certain goods or services as those produced or provided by a specific person or enterprise.

What trademarks can be registered? Practically any. A trademark may consist of one word, letter or numeral or any combination thereof. It may consist of drawings, symbols, three-dimensional signs, implemented, for example, in the form and packaging of the products, audible sound signals such as music or the sounds of human voices, smells or colors used as distinguishing features.

The usefulness and importance of registration of  trademarks.

On the territory of the Russian Federation only a registered trademark gives you the exclusive right to use Your trademark and prohibits any third party to use it or designation similar with it without Your consent. Certificate on Trademark protects Your business from unscrupulous competitors.

Intangible assets of companies are becoming more meaningful factor affecting capitalization of companies and success in competition. For sustainable development in modern conditions, along with more efficient production structure and distribution network, engaging qualified personnel and the implementation of innovation, requires the structuring and management of intellectual property portfolio. When solving this task, the extraordinarily enhanced role of legal protection of results of intellectual activity. Trademark protection is  by courts, and in most countries they are entitled to take measures to prevent infringements of trademark rights.

What is the procedure for registration of trademarks?

The application for registration of a trademark should be submitted to the appropriate national or regional Agency with clear identification of the mark and the reproduction of colors, shapes or three-dimensional elements, as well as the specified list of goods or services.

The sign must:

  • be distinctive,
  • do not contradict public order or morality,
  • the rights to a mark can not fully or partially coincide with the rights already granted to another trademark owner.

Protection of a trademark is valid only in the territory of the country where it was registered. In order to learn how to register a trademark in several countries, see our article "Trademark Registration and protection abroad".

It is extremely difficult to cope with such a long and time-consuming procedure itself, not having certain knowledge and skills in the legal field. We can undertake all the difficulties of the registration process:

  •  we will cooperate with the register body of FIPS - Rospatent;
  •  we will help You to determine the designation, which most likely will go through the registration process of a trademark;
  •  we will advise how to modify or alter Your designation, so that you could  register it. 

Call us on the phone mentioned in the section “Contacts” and You will receive the necessary information and professional assistance in the process of obtaining a patent. We have already assisted in registration of a big amount of patents and designs and the whole procedure is familiar to us.

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