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 Russian business abroad

The city of Moscow is one of the leaders among European cities by number of companies looking to open offices abroad, both in the CIS and other countries of the world.

 Many companies lead their business in various countries already by a well established scheme.

National market with all its problems is more secure, risks are compensated by high returns. 

Of course, transfer from domestic to external market requires not only own resources but also the support of professionals.

BDA have an ability to work successfully in this direction, having a network of reliable partners in different countries and competent staff of specialists. Taking your business abroad is not an easy task. You will need a body of different information worked out by specialists in marketing, analytics, etc., as well as professional recommendations based on proven experience in implementing similar projects and a lot of advice of practical value.


While creating a joint venture you need to take into account all legal and administrative peculiarities, and mostly important is to be an expert in your field of business, have excellent command, trademark, choose the most suitable partner, etc. It is better to entrust employees hired in an other country with functions associated with language, culture, and business contacts, sales, legal and tax issues.

There would be much easier to bootstrap a company for your own goals as the owner, and to provide its more coherent growth. Due to foreign staff it will be possible to acquire missing competencies, as well as to ensure the identification of potential risk decisions and finding best solutions.

It is important in a strategic sense to become identical to the local business and to adapt as much as possible to the specialties of the receiving country.

Professional consulting is an essential assistant on this difficult way. BDA is willing to work over a number of issues, ranging from the most standard to complex, highly individual and based on your specific business situation in a close connection with partners and representatives abroad.


The most relevant topics relating to the establishment and conduct of business in other countries are, as follows:

  • positioning of companies,
  • how to present your company,
  • how to learn quickly the rules of communication and differences in the structure of economy,
  • relationship management with government agencies,
  • organization of all legal and financial matters,
  • creating a profitable business model taking into consideration all local characteristics.


We are glad to assist You in a successful international business project, becoming Your reliable partner.

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