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Opening of accounts in foreign banks

Of course, no company can completely do business without having an opened account with a Bank.

BDA pays much attention to the process of choosing a Bank, procedure of opening accounts and further maintenance of these accounts.

During our work with foreign jurisdictions, we have established cooperation with a list of foreign banks in which we can open accounts quickly and with minimal costs applying our partners relations and experience in the preparation of documents.

Accounts may be opened to individuals upon request.

The leaders of foreign banks, with which our clients have already successfully opened accounts for their foreign companies/ themselves/ members of their family are represented by the following banks: Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, Eurobank, Barclays Bank, BNP Paribas.

The geography of banks, with which we cooperate, extends to several countries: Cyprus, Switzerland, England, the Baltic countries, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, the CIS countries and others.

An important condition for working with the client and his data is confidentiality, which, in respect of Bank accounts, acquires a special meaning. BDA understands well this sense and is ready to communicate with clients on the most "closed" to third-party themes without risk to the client.

Contact our specialists for detailed consultations on this matter and on any questions connected with preparation/submission of documents. We will assist you with the necessary set of documents, translations and certification of translations. We will provide you with every detail on the process and prepare everything quickly and diligently!

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