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Intellectual property


Lada Suprun, partner on intellectual property.

We offer our clients a full range of services related to intellectual property. Business Development Agency provides specialists and patent attorneys with extensive experience of litigation in courts, in Federal Antimonopoly Service and at the Chamber of patent disputes of Rospatent.

Our target is comprehensive intellectual property protection of the customer: from the standard procedures of interaction with the patent office to conduct projects of special complexity that requires deep professional knowledge, expertise and special resources.

The most popular services in the sphere of protection of intellectual property are the following:

  • Services related to trademarks:

A) search for the symbol with the issuance of the conclusion about the possibility of registration of a mark as a Trademark;
B) registration of Trademarks in Russia and abroad;

  • Services related to patents:

A) obtaining patents for inventions, industrial designs, etc.;
B) holding debates at the Chamber of patent disputes of Rospatent and in courts;

  • Drafting and registration of contracts on transfer of rights on objects of intellectual property (franchising, license, etc.);
  • Advising on intellectual property protection and many other services to satisfy your needs.


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