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A patent for an industrial design

The industrial design is an art-constructive decision of a product of industrial or handicraft production, determining its visual look (product design, photo design or design of computer graphics, design of  projects).

In accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation regulating the matter, first of all an application for an industrial design is prepared and submitted to the FIPS. The application passes examination which results in  the decision on granting or refusal to grant a patent. State fee is charged for the examination of the application for an industrial design. The fee increases depending on the number of options listed in a single application.

The registration of an industrial design generally takes 18 - 20 months.

Industrial designs can be registered as :

  • packaging design; 
  • label;
  • product design;
  • design of units and machines;
  • website design (interface);
  • fonts;
  • emblems;
  • interior design, etc.

A patent for industrial design is valid for 15 years from the date of applying to the Federal Institute of industrial property (FIPS) with the possibility for extension of a patent for another 10 years. It is necessary to maintain the patent in force each year by paying the appropriate fee. Without payment of a fee, the patent is prematurely terminated.

It is extremely difficult to cope with such a long and time-consuming procedure by your own means, without certain knowledge and skills in the legal field. We shall undertake all the difficulties of registration process, especially:

  • we will cooperate with the register body of FIPS - Rospatent;
  • we will help You to determine the designation, which most likely will go through the registration process of a trademark;
  • we will advise how to modify or alter Your designation, so that you could  register it. 

Call us on the phone mentioned in the section “Contacts” and You will receive the necessary information and professional assistance in the process of obtaining a patent. We have already assisted in registration of a big amount of patents and designs and the whole procedure is familiar to us.

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