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Assessment of business

During the business activity, it may be necessary to determine the exact value of your business. For example, in case of its sale or purchase or for the purposes of borrowings.

ВDА is ready to provide assessment  services, which results you can use for the following situations:

  • management of the value of the company;
  • loans secured;
  • showing assets in financial statements;
  • for share repurchase;
  • selling (buying) of the company or shares in it (mergers and  acquisitions);
  • reorganization of business;
  • and for other purposes.

Contact the specialists on assessment for the implementation of advantageous operations with Your business asset.

ВDА  has qualified partners with the experience of assessment practice of businesses for different purposes.

Contact us anytime and  we will be glad  to advise You in more detail on issues of assessment of business and benefits from this procedure which suggests our company.

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