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What is trademark protection territory?


National registration of trademarks is limited to the territory of the country in which it is implemented.

 Almost all countries in the world register and protect trademarks. Each national or regional authorities has a trademark register, which contains comprehensive information about the applications for all registrations and renewals, facilitating examination and search, as well as the actions of third parties in respect of possible objections.

 In order to avoid the necessity to register separately with each national or regional authorities, WIPO administers a system of international registration of marks. This system is governed by two treaties: the Madrid agreement concerning the international registration of marks and the Madrid Protocol. A person having relationship (i.e. citizenship, place of permanent residence or current business venture) with one of the participating countries of both aforementioned treaties, may obtain an international registration that shall be valid in some or all countries of the Madrid Union on the basis of submitting of an application or registration with the national authority of that country. More than 80 countries of the world are members of both agreements at the present moment.

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