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Why BDA?

Today conducting professional audit in your company  has become a common affair. This service can be found almost everywhere: from the well-known Ernst & Young and to a small and maybe not very skilled and honest Russian company. While selecting an auditor the task of an experienced entrepreneur is to find a golden mean between the huge overpayments for services of international organizations and organizations that behave unfair and provide unqualified services.

ВDА company complies with such requirements of the Clients:

  • ONE HOUR of work of a specialist from well-known international organization can cost about 20 thousand rubles (depending on the qualifications of a specialist, the price can be much higher). The price of our specialist for one hour of work will not exceed 1500 rubles.
  • besides, our experts possess high level of qualification, which is confirmed by experience of work in well-known companies, certificates and recommendations.

In the section "Audit" of our website You will be able to find information about the experience of the audit services provided by our company. Contact us anytime and  we will be glad to advise You in more detail about the benefits of conducting an audit with our specialists.

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