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Our professionals

The company BDA-Audit provides qualified personnel for the successful solution of professional tasks, who possesses  work experience in the field of audit services from 5 to 15 years.

While carrying out selection of staff, the management of the company is very strict to the ethical, business and professional qualities of the candidates.

Leading specialists of BDA-Audit have been trained in financial higher educational institutions in Russia and training on IFRS. The auditors are members of self-regulating organizations of auditors, whose liability is insured in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.

The  specialists of BDA-Audit have experience in auditing companies of large segment of business, with revenues up to 36 billion rubles. The ability to plan work, allows to perform it within the time specified in the contract and  not to inhibit the work of employees of the client organization.

For the preparation and approval of financial reporting according to international standards, to solve other problems of our clients related to international activities, we have specialists who obtained the ACCA diploma in International Financial Reporting (in Russian), and we can also involve international specialists, who gas certificates of CPA and  ACCA.

Our auditors are guided in their professional activities by the fundamental principles of auditing ethics, honesty and integrity, objectivity and independence, confidentiality, professionalism and competence.

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